About Us

On April 18th, 1983, founder and still-owner, Henry Vincent Guisande (Vince to all who know him) began what is known today as Tri-City Glass & Mirror after working approximately two years in the trade as a glazier in various shops around the bay area. In fact, Vince has been infatuated with glass his entire life, immersing himself into the only class or training available at the time: stained glass.  Though intrigued and satisfied with his new talent, Vince wanted to continue his path and work with glass in everyday life as well as the people in the community he lived in.

Vince acquired his contractor’s license and decided to start his own business. He became known as “Home and Auto Glass” and worked out of his garage in Fairfield, California.

His work was performed out of the back of his pick-up truck as he did jobs consisting primarily of auto glass replacement, small repairs, and installation of storm windows.  In 1984 he opened his first 100 square foot storefront at 415 Main Street in Suisun and hired one person to answer the phones.

In 1985, his business grew and space was tight in his current storefront so he moved to a 2,000 square foot building at 211 Main Street and then into a 3,000 square foot location at 209 Main Street in 1986. Vince realized the company name didn’t truly define all that his business had to offer, so he changed the company name to Tri-City Glass & Mirror. His wife, Linda, who today heads the sales of residential windows, joined him in 1987 after leaving her long time banking career.

In 1993 the city of Suisun went through massive redevelopment in the downtown waterfront area and Tri-City Glass & Mirror was forced to move out of their location at 209 Main Street and into a new location at 108 Railroad Avenue in Suisun, which is where they remained for the next 4 years.

Finally, in 1999, Vince and the Tri-City Glass & Mirror family, found their current home at 515 Main St in the city they helped redevelop: Suisun.

In April 2018 they will celebrate 35 years in business. They now offer complete residential & commercial glass services including tub and shower enclosures, custom mirrors, repair work, sales & installation of retrofit & new construction windows, and commercial contract work.

Vince & Linda share a belief that their roots, their employees, their family, make a difference & set them apart from the others making Tri-City Glass & Mirror who they are today.  The family at Tri-City Glass & Mirror give back to the community that has supported them whenever possible whether it be by donations, sponsorships, or volunteering.   Give Tri-City Glass & Mirror a call for all your glass needs. You’ll be glad you did.